Sunday Morning Xtreme combines scripture, prayer, and sharing stations with the basics of resistance training and some creative cardio and agility challenges to give your youth an amazing experience that makes them stronger physically, spiritually, and socially!

My name is Jason Rhymer and I am a professional fitness trainer and movement coach in Charlotte, NC. I have been running my own training business for 11 years and have also been involved with youth mentorship and counseling for 20 years. I have combined these two passions into one amazing product that will transform your youth ministry.

SMX is the perfect combination of fitness workout and worship experience.  We had some interesting things happen at our church when we combined physical training with scripture reading, prayer, and sharing discussions:

1) Our athletic and “not-so” athletic kids created friendships and discovered they had more in common than they originally thought

2) Kids said, “I never thought about that scripture like that before when I was just sitting in Sunday School.  When I started sweating, it made a lot more sense to me!”

3) Walls were broken down and discussions about self-worth and God’s purpose for our life were easier to get started.

SMX can be used as a:

1) Warm-up activity or “ice-breaker”

2) Special Saturday morning event in a park or local stadium

3) Full 9 week curriculum as your Sunday or Wednesday night program or during Sunday School

4) Charity event to raise money for a mission trip or other cause

5) Challenge to your group and church (you can start your own Biggest Loser challenge with prizes)

The bottom line is SMX is fun.  Look at what our kids said about the experience:


I firmly believe in the saying “All the Body, All the Time”. This means that you are only as strong as your weakest link. Every part of you (physical, spiritual, emotional, social, mental, etc.) is interrelated. If we are “down” physically, it can affect our spiritual and mental make-up. If we feel far away from God, we may be less inclined to train our bodies, or to be socially involved. Hey…wait! There’s some cool scripture about that:

“The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ”

– 1 Corinthians 12:12

Think about the time you spend with your youth right now. Are you really changing their lives spiritually? How about physically? Does your group love each other and encourage each other to succeed?

I GUARANTEE that if you are helping your kids get healthier spiritually, physically, and socially every time you see them, a transformation will happen in your group:

  • Your youth will feel acceptance and improved self-esteem
  • Your youth will see their relationship with God as something more than just showing up to church
  • Your youth will invite their friends

SMX will accomplish all these things and more for you! It worked with our youth in Charlotte, NC, and I know it will work for you!