10 Reasons Why You Need SMX For Your Youth Group

1. SMX gives you the ability to offer a cutting-edge physical, spiritual, and social challenge for your youth group.

2. The SMX DVD teaches you everything you need to run this amazing program. NO FITNESS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY…we have done all the work for you! Just pop in the DVD, log onto our site, or give me a call…we’ve got your back!

3. SMX is completely adaptable to your youth group. It’s perfect for the advanced athlete and for beginners. All fitness levels are welcome!

4. SMX is completely adaptable to your location. Explore strength with your group in parks, gyms, hallways…wherever it works best for you!

5. SMX is completely adaptable to all youth age 12 and up. Guys, girls, freshman, seniors…break through labels and unite your youth group with SMX.

6. SMX is completely adaptable to any time slot. Use it as a warm-up activity, a special event, or as the core of your program.

7. SMX comes with 9 sessions of prayer, scripture, and sharing themes. Just print them out from our resources webpage and you are ready to go!

8. SMX is designed by a professional fitness trainer and strength coach. Your athletes will learn the 5 basic exercises essential for all other forms of weight-resistance training.

9. SMX is the ultimate team-building activity for your youth group. Group growth works on 2 levels – small groups work at each station but cardio time is with the whole group. “The youth group that sweats and prays together stays together!”

10. SMX is a blast! This is the most important reason! Finally, there is a program that makes working out and studying God’s word with friends FUN!